Please choose one session from the list below for Breakout Session One, 9:00-10:00 (workshops go from 9:00-11:10).

Title: Digital Storytelling
Format, Time, and Location: Interactive Demonstration 9:00-10:00 in A114/A116
Description: Imagine a learning experience, supported and extended by the application of
technology, that empowers students to create and contribute, all within the
context of what they are expected to know and be able to do in the 21st Century.
Imagine that this learning experience provides students with a compelling and
competitive voice and enlarges the boundaries of their ability to communicate,
potentially to a worldwide audience. That learning experience is digital
Audience: General
User Level: All Levels
Presenter: David Jakes, Director of Instructional Technology District 99

: Calling all Wannabe PodCasters: A PodCasting Overview
Format, Time, and Location: Demonstration 9:00-10:00 in Write Place Lab
Description: What is PodCasting? Why/how might a teacher use one? Where can I find them? How do I subscribe? How do I do it? I will demonstrate 3 different kinds during the 1 hour overview session: audio only, enhanced (audio+video) and how a mobile teacher (like you are much of the time) can archive important lessons live! I'll do this as I present!
Audience: General
User Level: All Levels
Presenter: Ann Penstone

: SMART Humanities
Format, Time, and Location: Demonstration/Discussion 9:00-10:00 in B131
Description: This session focuses on an array of possibilties for utilizing SMART technologies in the Humanities. While simple and broad in scope, these ideas will help you "push the envelope" in your use of SMART technologies.
Audience: Social Studies, English, Foreign Language
User Level: All Levels
Presenter: SMART Facilitators

Title: Googology: Exploring Why We're GaGa for Google
Format, Time, and Location: Demonstration/Lecture 9:00-10:00 in C202
Description: Join this Googologist in training and exploe just how deep Google's Rabbit Hole goes -- this isn't just for searchin! From More to Even More, this journey will leave you wondering how you missed all of this and make it clear why so many of us have Gone GaGa for Google!
Audience: General
User Level: All Levels
Presenter: Bill Horine, GBN Social Studies Educator

Title: Highlights of the T^3 International Conference
Format, Time, and Location: Demonstration 9:00-10:00 in A241
Description: We will be returning from the T^3 International Conference on March 2. We will each present highlights from sessions attended at this conference. Handouts will be given as will instruction on classroom technology.
Audience: Math and Science
User Level: All Levels
Presenters: Rhoda McInerney, Scott Knapp, Megan Dixon, Robin Levine-Wissing: GBN Math Educators and Department Instructional Supervisor


Please note that workshops extend through Section Two

Title: Powerhouse Presentations
Format, Time, and Location: Workshop 9:00-11:10 in the Science Lab
Description: The main objective of this workshop is to guide participants in creating effective and well designed presentations that better address diverse learning styles. A brief discussion will lead participants into creating their own presentations that they can use or modify. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their presentations with colleagues and make revisions based on others’ suggestions.
Audience: General
User Level: Intermediate (you've used or assigned multimedia presentations like PowerPoint)
Presenter: Stephanie Olson, GBN Technology Trainer

Title: Using Google Page Creator for Creating Websites
Format, Time, and Location: Workshop 9:00-11:10 in the IMC Lab
Description: Google Page Creator is an easy, free, and fun way to make webpages that you, as a teacher can use to provide 24/7 access to class resources. Students can also use Google Page Creator to make collaborative multimedia projects In this session, the basics of Google Page Creator and its applications in the classroom will be discussed. Hands on time will be provided for everyone to practice making their own pages.
Audience: General
User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Presenter: Ana Peso, GBN Librarian